These cards can help to memorize words. For instance you find on the first side a picture and on the back the correct translation into your target language. Furthermore you can have much more on a slide. Audio files can improve your pronounciation skills. It is very useful to use them.
The best applications are Flashcards and gFlashPro.

Additional to that you should have a look on:
StripDesign, Photogene, Wordcollapse, Puppet Palls, Hello-Hello, Dragon, Hangman, QR Reader, Evernote, Skype, Sonicpics

You need an iOS gadget and an internet connection. Please search in your AppStore the named programs. Before you install them you can read a detailled description. A least you have to press the install buttom. Do not be afraid it is easy. :-)

Creating a flashcard
If the applications are installed you will find the icons of the programs on your system. Please start gFlashPro. On http://www.gwhizmobile.com/gWhiz/gFlash.php you will find instructions.
FlashcardDeluxe has a similiar website. This you will find behind the following link: http://orangeorapple.com/Flashcards/ .




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